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The ZB-30 and ZB-30J were the later versions of the famous Czechoslovak machine gun, the ZB-26. However, the ZB-30 had some design differences, making it similar to the later ZGB-33, which was an early prototype of the Bren gun.[1] Like the ZB-26, the Wehrmacht adopted the ZB-30 after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, renaming it the MG30(t); it was used in the same role as the MG34, as a light machine gun. In the opening phases of World War II, the ZB-30 in 7.92 mm Mauser caliber was used in large numbers by elements of the German Waffen SS, who did not initially have full access to standard Wehrmacht supply channels.

Comparison of original ZB vz.26 and modifications:

Machine gun ZB vz.26 ZB vz.30 ZB vz.30J
Caliber (mm) 7.9 7.9 7.9
Length (mm) 1165 1180 1204
Weight (kg) 8.84 9.10 9.58
Magazine (rounds) 20 20 20
Rate (round/min) 600 550-650 500-600
Velocity (m/s) 750 750 750


  1. Modern Firearms - ZB 26

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