Veterans Day in Norway was instituted in 2000 by Norway's Cabinet and falls on Victory in Europe Day, May 8. The choice of day has been criticized by Bjørnar Moxnes, leader of political party Rødt, saying one must differentiate between a defensive fight against an occupation force and offensive military operations outside Norway.[1] The Norges Forsvarsforening (NFF) [Norwegian Defence Association] wants a debate about the "form and content" of the day.[2]

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  1. "Leder Bjørnar Moxnes i Rødt mener man må skille mellom en defensiv kamp mot en okkupasjonsmakt her hjemme, og offensive militæroperasjoner i utlandet. Også Norges Forsvarsforening vil nå ha debatt om form og innhold 8. mai."

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