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File:Soviet claims to Turkey in 1945-1953.png

Soviet Union with the leadership of Joseph Stalin, presented territorial claims to Turkey in 1945. During the period of 1945 and 1953, there were presented 3 different plans.

It was also known that the Soviet government wanted to settle those areas with Armenian repatriates from diaspora. In three years (1946–1948) after the World War II about 150,000 ethnic Armenians (Western Armenians and their descedants) from Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt,and France had repatriated to Soviet Armenia.Script errorScript error[citation needed]

With Turkey joining NATO and accepting the Marshall Plan, the United States obliged to protect Turkey in the case of a Soviet Union.


ru:Территориальные претензии СССР к Турции

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