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Career (USA)
Name: SS A. B. Hammond
Builder: California Shipbuilding Corporation, Terminal Island, Los Angeles
Yard number: 2558
Completed: February 1944
Fate: Scrapped, 1963
General characteristics
Class & type: Type EC2-S-C1 Liberty ship
Displacement: 14,245 long tons (14,474 t)[1]
Length: 441 ft 6 in (134.57 m) o/a417 ft 9 in (127.33 m) p/p

427 ft (130 m) w/l[1]

Beam: 57 ft (17 m)[1]
Draft: 27 ft 9 in (8.46 m)[1]
Propulsion: Two oil-fired boilers

Triple-expansion steam engine 2,500 hp (1,900 kW) Single screw

Speed: 11 knots (20 km/h; 13 mph)[1]
Range: 20,000 nmi (37,000 km; 23,000 mi)
Capacity: 10,856 t (10,685 long tons) deadweight (DWT)[1]
Crew: 81[1]
Armament: Stern-mounted 4 in (100 mm) deck gun for use against surfaced submarines, variety of anti-aircraft guns

SS A. B. Hammond was a liberty ship built by California Shipbuilding Corporation of Los Angeles, and delivered in February 1944 to the War Shipping Administration (WSA).[2]

It was scrapped in 1963 following grounding damage.[3]

Names and flagsEdit

  • 1947 – Renamed "MARIO II" by Constantine Koniadlidis, Montevideo – Uruguay flag
  • 1948 – Renamed "ENSENADA" Cia de Nav, Ensenada, Panama (S. G. Embiricos, London)
  • 1959 – Renamed "CESTOS" Zenith Transportation Corporation, Liberia (Fratelli Delfino, Genoa)
  • 1961 – Renamed "NICOLAOS TSAVLIRIS" Nigean Shipping Company, Panama – Greek flag (Tsavliris Maritime Company, Piraeus)
  • 1963 – Scrapped – Turkey after grounding damage at Kilyos, Black Sea.


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