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Medal for Sacrifice and Courage
Awarded by the Republic of Poland
Type Single grade medal
Awarded for Selfless aid to the drowning, victims of natural disasters, fires, explosions, or other unfortunate circumstances
Status Currently awarded
Established February 17, 1960
Next (higher) Military Cross of Merit,Air Force Cross of Merit,

Navy Cross of Merit

Next (lower) Medal for Long Service

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The Medal for Sacrifice and Courage (Polish: Medal za Ofiarność i Odwagę) is a Polish medal established on February 17, 1960. It is awarded to those who, with disregard for their own life, save people from drowning, aid the victims of natural disasters, fires, explosions, or other unfortunate circumstances, or protect the property of others during such events. The medal was designed in 1960 by Józef Gosławski.[1]


  1. ^ (in pl) Józef Gosławski 1908-1963. Wystawa prac. Warsaw: Związek Polskich Artystów Plastyków. Centralne Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych. 1973.

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