In the United States Navy, light cruisers have the hull classification symbol CL. Both heavy cruisers (CA) and light cruisers were numbered in a single sequence after 1931, hence there are some missing hull numbers.

United States Navy
Hull Number1 Class Years in service
CL-1 to CL-3 Chester 1908–1930
CL-4 to CL-13 Omaha 1923–1949
CL-14 Not Assigned, intended for USS Chicago
CL-15 USS Olympia 1895–1957
CL-16 to CL-21 Denver 1903–1933
CL-22 USS New Orleans 1898–1930
CL-23 USS Albany 1900–1930
CL-40 to CL-43,
CL-46 to CL-48
Brooklyn 1937–1992
CL-49 and CL-50 St. Louis 1938–1951
CL-51 to CL-54 Atlanta 1941–1959
CL-55 to CL-67,
CL-76 to CL-94,
CL-99 to CL-105

Note: nine Cleveland-class cruisers were converted
to Independence-class aircraft carriers

CL-95 to CL-98 Oakland 1943–1966
CL-106 to CL-118 Fargo 1945–1970
CL-119 to CL-121 Juneau 1946–1966
CL-144 to CL-147 Worcester 1948–1970
CL-154 to CL-159 abortive 1945 antiaircraft cruiser project none built
CLGN-160 (to CGN-160 and then to CGN-9) USS Long Beach 1961–1995


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