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[1][2]Soldiers of the Slovakian Army being decorated by Slovakian General Ferdinand Čatloš.The Field Army Bernolák (Slovak: Slovenská Poľná Armádna skupina "Bernolák") was an infantry unit of the Axis Slovak Republic during World War II.

The division took part in the Invasion of Poland from September 1939. In October it returned to Slovakia and was upgraded to a fully motorized division.

A component, the Fast Troops Group Kalinčiak took part in Operation Barbarossa in 1941, advancing under Army Group South.

In August 1943 the Fast Division was restructured and renamed the 1st Infantry Division of that year. However, the 1st Infantry Division saw very little action and was used for rear area duties until it was disbanded in July 1944 to form construction units.

Order of battleEdit

The division's order of battle between 1939 and 1944 was as follows:

Army Commander, General Ferdinand Čatloš

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[edit] ReferencesEdit

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